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Healthcare Bots

Bots and agents are all the rage out there, and it’s time to put the most incredible and sophisticated scientific results to work for humans. In tele-med and digital healthcare in particular, the potential impact of agent systems, cooperative agents (multi-agents), conversational agents (chat bots), neural networks and fuzzy systems is huge. We’re headed toward the era when the routine and boring yet necessary tasks, such as prescription issuance, emailing, notifications, low-level consultancy will be done entirely and yet more efficiently by bots. This will create a room for more focus on patient needs for doctors, and more choices for patients as well.

Agent Systems

Agent architecture is a real breakthrough in both computer science and healthcare. Not only can the agent processes properly analyze and diagnose patients, they can properly and highly efficiently control many of the healthcare workflows. An agent system is now capable of being a doctor, a psychologist, an investigator and a highly efficient assistant, a consultant and a reliable source of knowledge so frequently we don’t have time to get. Multi-agent systems, efficiently cooperating over different aspects of healthcare ecosystem, are now the best friend of both the doctor and the patient.

AI At Work

Artificial Intelligence – a wide range of concepts and tools, seated in the intersection of applied mathematics, computer science, calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics. It’s been around for decades, but only relatively recently applications of artificial intelligence started to gain real traction in various fields – consumer goods, service automation, education, and healthcare. Concepts such as multi-agent systems, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, natural language processing, now work together to improve healthcare at scale by providing sophisticated yet highly precise solutions to those questions that remain open due to human errors. It’s there not to replace the humans, but to help and work together.