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What We Do

Medical Robitix LLC is building a family of software as a service (SAAS) products intended to solve some of the most sophisticated and sensitive problems of the existing healthcare. We use agent technology, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and mathematical modeling to build better patient-to-care-provider and care-provider-to-care-provider communications that reduce friction, encounter personalities, past history and feedbacks from all parties, keep both medical personnel and patients in sync with what’s latest, what’s best and what’s most relevant.

Why Us

Medical Robix is not shy of sophisticated research and solving some of the most complex problems in the industry – through heavily using mathematical modeling, scientific research, artificial intelligence and human science (psychology, anthropology, sociology). We realize that existing solutions of the similar type are either partial or shallow in their approaches and philosophies, and we’re committed to provide ground breaking solutions.

Why We Do

Medical Robitix LLC has grown out of frustrations and personal experiences of the founders in the past and is intended to solve numerous pains continuing to exist to the day. The existing solutions do not completely solve or resolve the pains in the healthcare, so the founders deeply believe there are ways to improve and provide better services in the healthcare systems. No one’s concerns, neither those of a patient nor those of a medical professional, should be neglected. The trust is built on transparency, efficiency, empathy and cooperation.

Why Now

In Medical Robitix we do realize that many of the problems we target are complex and require creative and sometimes urgent solutions . Our mission is to save lives, to improve the quality of life. We’re there to build transparency, trust, efficiency. For care providers this means higher productivity and more loyal patients. There’s a large shortage of medical health care providers. The access to them is constrained by working hours and availability times of the specific doctors and their assistants. The access to their offices is a commute frequently a significant issue. For some patients, especially those with special needs, this is unacceptable challenge. So the solutions for all these pains are needed today.