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Medibot Framework

Medibot Platform is a scalable, portable and pluggle API, providing the core functionality to a family of mobile apps and web platforms, using it. It’s deployed on the cloud and does not require to have the customer (a medical practice, a patient or a hospital) to be concerned about where to store the data securely. It’s just a matter of providing the API key and token to start using your own medical adviser. It’s the fuel and the AI magic of the entire framework.  Built using Django, it never runs short on reliability, scalability or performance.

Medibot Therapist

Our virtual therapist is a mobile app designed to accompany you in your daily life and help you to resolve some of your most urgent health concerns immediately. The therapist  answers medical and health questions for consumers and doctors instantly. The answers are provided by the Medibot API that learns about medicine everyday and over time about your health record and medical questions history, and responds via careful consideration and mindfulness of the medical record and history that you have so far, the medications available and effectiveness suggested.

Medibot – Action Planner

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